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Kextil Debuts Voice Driven Application for Field Service

April 10, 2013

First Voice Driven Application for Field Service Automation & Management Demonstrated by Kextil

Guest speakers, industry insiders, and domain experts to teach webinar participants how to leverage multi-million dollar customer satisfaction and cost challenges

Pittsburgh – For Immediate Release – Kextil Corp., the leading provider of intelligent voice driven solutions for the Field Services Market, today announced a series of webinars featuring guest speakers, industry insiders, and domain experts. The webinars will focus on:

  • Eliminating the time required to create field service reports and recapturing that time for high value activities
  • Enabling your entire workforce to deliver service as well as the top 10%
  • Building usable domain knowledge through robust field based data collection

"This is a true breakthrough in field service automation and management", said Jonathan Berman, Kextil CEO. "Imagine if your entire workforce performed as well as the top 10%, imagine if the field could gather an exact accounting of the service workflow without taking any time to document. Think of the productivity gains, cost savings, and new revenue opportunities that could be created".

Kextil has spent hundreds of hours in the field and with field service management to generate a detailed understanding of the barriers hindering organizations from efficiently and consistently maximizing customer satisfaction. These webinars are designed to openly discuss those barriers and demonstrate game changing innovation through voice.

During the webinars industry experts will discuss the opportunity for field service organizations to realize a powerful new set of previously unattainable benefits around workforce utilization, compliance with best practices, and knowledge building. "Kextil is a game changer, a paradigm shift in the way information is shared and utilized between the field and the enterprise", says Leo Colborne, former SVP at EMC and guest speaker.

The first webinar with Leo Colborne will discuss the opportunity to convert low value call documentation time to high value customer facing activities. Mr. Colborne is an expert in Field Service spending 25 years at EMC. In the role of SVP Global Customer service, Leo was responsible for installation, maintenance, and upgrade of EMC's customer base. The 4,000 person organization has industry leading customer satisfaction and loyalty results and generates almost $2 billion in revenue. This series will run quarterly starting in October 2013.

About Kextil Corporation

Kextil is a leading provider of intelligent voice driven solutions for the Field Services Market. Kextil was formed to create a step-function improvement in the way large field service organizations collect and utilize knowledge. Our vision capitalizes on advanced speech recognition to leverage your substantial investment in workforce development and supporting IT infrastructure.

Kextil is currently working with global leaders in advanced manufacturing, medical equipment, utilities, document processing, building services, and more. For additional information, visit or call 412.398.0789.

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Kextil Corp.
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