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Kextil Modular Software

Kextil’s Modular Software provides both flexibility in product features as well as cost. The application is broken down into three functional modules that can be deployed simultaneously or as independent features. The Modules include:


The vAdmin module eliminates the mundane tasks that most techs hate, manual documentation. Kextil’s voice platform eliminates...

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Kextil SuperVisior solves the problem for uneven compliance with best practices, which impacts both customer satisfaction and...

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Through voice driven structured workflow capture, vKnow builds the analytics that drive training, reeducation, best practices,...

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Kextil Voice Editor


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vAdmin - Eliminate manual documentation
"like having a virtual admin filling in forms and documenting field activity"

SuperVisor - insure compliance with best practices
"like having a virtual supervisor doing the work with you"

vKnow - Generate usable metrics for knowledge sharing
"like having your most productive worker training the work force"