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Close the Gap between the best field tech and the rest

supervisor.jpgKextil SuperVisior solves the problem of uneven compliance with best practices, which impacts both customer satisfaction and cost.  SuperVisor leverages both vAdmin and vKnow to build and insure that best practice processes are used in the field. 

SuperVisor interacts with the tech at the most critical parts of the service event, while their hands are on the equipment.  Using spoken text, the tech and system interact to insure the best possible service outcome.  SuperVisor communicates to the tech, answering questions, applying knowledge base, redirecting to the correct next step based on the voice driven input from the operator.  SuperVisor is truly the next great technology leap in improving workforce productivity and compliance with best practices. 

Completely customizable and tuned for the most complex field tech activity.  SuperVisor puts the equivalent of your best technician on every job.  


  • No more missed steps
  • Quicker training, faster ramp up for new products, new techs
  • Scalable, efficient best practice distribution
  • Workforce flexibility
  • Higher equipment uptime
  • Improve first time fix
  • Increase customer satisfaction metrics


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