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Kextil Automates Continuous Improvement
for Field Service and Manufacturing

Kextil Analytics Platform

What is the value to your organization of getting all of your field techs performing as well as the top 10%? You know the profit potential would be huge. So why is this a difficult challenge?

It is difficult becuase you don't have access to information that allows you to identify specific areas of improvement. Today's field service automation solutions are only capable of telling you what happened? But there is no way to understand why and how those results were acheived.

Kextil is the only solution that can capture the full workflow from the service event. So you now can understand

  • time required for key tasks like root cause diagnois and fix
  • successful and unsuccessful troubleshooting attempts
  • use of knowledge bases or service history

Most important is the Kextil automates this process giving you unique insight and a scalable solution for the first time.

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Enterprise Resource Utilization (ERU)

  • Collaboration software that drives asset profitability across the lifecycle
  • Real time hands/eyes free platform that transfers mission critical information between mobile workers and enterprise systems
  • Previously unavailable analytics on workforce and asset performance
  • Frictionless information flow gets 90% of labor force acting as productively as best 10%

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What's Happening at Kextil

March 13, 2015 — See Kextil at Field Service USA Show April 20-23, 2015

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“Kextil is experience changing. There are multiple dimensions of improvement, a paradigm shift. This is the future of service” –Sr Director, Services-Global IT Infrastructure Supplier

“This could be a game changer”, Global Director Field Technology Development- Global Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer